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What To Do When You Are Not Here Anymore?

We all have to go sometime. Don't know when. Could be sooner - hopefully later.

Because life is random. Long or short, you want to be ready.

If something should happen sooner than you expect, or even a long time from now, you might like to leave a note or two. Or some information. But you don't want that stuff to get out before you are gone.

Now you can send out messages when you are Not Here Anymore.

Like making sure your stuff gets to the right people. Or telling social media you are gone. Or letting someone else take over some of your important projects.

It is a more informal way to send a message automatically - when you can't send them.

We created this free place for that to happen. We make it easy to get started. We spent a lot of time making sure that your messages would be safe and secure. And that your instructions won't be sent too soon.

When you use this site, your messages will be sent 'afterwards'. Just like you want them to be sent.


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It's all free, and quite easy.

With just a little bit of time, you can make sure your messages and instructions are delivered.

Because you don't know when you will be Not Here Anymore.

And you want to be prepared.

Just in case.

It's easy to get started.

Do it now, while you can.

Because life is random. Long or short, you want to be ready.

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