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The first step is to sign up, using the "Sign Up" menu choice. That will display the sign-up form. Enter the information requested, select a strong password (a 'password strength' meter will help with that). Make sure that you have a primary and backup email address that is valid (and different), as those email addresses will be used to send out the "Are You OK?" message.

Once all information is entered, click the "Submit" button. You'll get an sign-up verification email to both of your email addresses.


Both email addresses that you entered during the signup process will be sent a verification message with a unique link. You will need to click the link on one of the messages (you don't need to click the link in both email messages).

The form will ask for the two email addresses that you entered during the signup. Enter the correct email addresses, then click the submit button. That will verify your signup on the site.

If you don't get the verification email, check your spam folder. And make sure that you allow messages from . That is the address of all messages from this site, including the important 'are you still here' message that we will send to you.

Getting our Emails

It is important that you ensure that you can get our emails. If you don't get the 'are you OK?' message, then you can't respond to our message. And if you don't respond to our message, then your instructions may get sent out before you are "Not Here Anymore".

You can get a test email from us at any time. Once you have created an account and logged in, use the 'Account Info' page contains a "Send Test Email" button. That will send a message to each of your two email addresses. All messages will come from the email address of Make sure those messages are received into your email account(s).

Log In

Using the cleverly named "Log In" link on the menu bar, enter your email address (primary or backup) and the password you selected. Then click the "Login" button. That will enable your access to the Instructions part of the site.

Forget Your Password?

If you forgot your password, then click the "Forgot Password" button on the Log In page. That will display a form where you can enter your primary or backup email address. Click the button, and an email will be sent with password setting instructions. (If you enter an email address that has not been registered, a message will show on the screen about that.)

The Lost Password Email

That email has a special and unique link to click that will take you to the screen where you will enter a new password. (Your password is stored with a one-way encryption, so we can't tell you what your current password is -- a security measure.) Once you have selected a new password, you can then sign in with either email address and the new password.

Enter Your Instructions

When you have logged in, there is a new menu choice called "Instructions". Select that, and a list of your current instructions will be shown. You can use the "Add Instruction" link to add new instructions, or edit or delete existing instructions with the links to the right of each instructions.

If this is your first time here, just click the Add Instruction link. That will show the "Instruction" screen. Fill in their name, their email address (primary and backup), and your instructions or message that you wish them to have when you are "Not Here Anymore". The instructions can be as long as you need, but can only include text and links.

When you have completed your instructions or message, click the "Submit" button. Your instructions will then be encrypted and stored in the database where you can look at or change them at any time.

What Are Instructions?

They can be anything you want. Perhaps a message to a friend thanking them for their friendship. Or where you stashed that emergency cash in your bookcase. Or where the spare keys to your car are. Or the location of important papers. Or how to log onto your blog so they can post your final blog entry.

Instructions can be anything you want. Remember that they are not legally binding, so you may also want to consider a legally binding document (like a will). But the instructions you leave should be meaningful or important to the recipient. They are also only sent after you don't respond to our "Are You OK?" messages, which can be as long as 35 days after you are Not Here Anymore.

What Happens Next?

Every 30 days, will send you an "Are You OK?" message to your email addresses (both of them). All you need to do is click on the 'I'm OK" link on either message to let us know everything is OK. If you don't click on that link within 3 days, we'll send you another "Are You OK?" message. If you don't respond to that second message, you get one more chance with a third and final "Are You OK?" message.

If we don't hear from you via those "Are You OK?" message links, then we will assume that you are "Not Here Anymore". We will then send out your instructions, along with our condolences.

Adding or Changing Instructions

You can change or add or even delete instructions any time you want. Just log in, go to the Instructions page, and make your changes.

Sample Messages

If you would like to see how our "Are You OK?" messages look, or the messages that will be sent, use the "Demo" menu choice. You will see what our messages will look like.

How Much Does This Cost?

It's free. We built this site so that our own instructions will be sent when we are "Not Here Anymore". The only income that we receive is from the advertising over there on the right.

But you can donate to help defray expenses. Use our Donate page to contribute via PayPal (no PayPal membership is required).

How Long Will My Information Be Kept?

Our intent is to keep your instructions around indefinitely, even after we are "Not Here Anymore". We are a user of this site, and our Instructions include the maintenance of this web site and it's information.

As for your information, we will delete it when we send out your final instructions after you are "Not Here Anymore".

We hope that will be a long time.

How Secure is my Information?

We have spent quite a bit of time ensuring that all instruction information is encrypted. Your account information is also encrypted. Your account password is encrypted. All encryptions are randomized; and your password can't be decrypted. (That's why we cannot send you your current password, but can only let you change your password.)

We can't disclose the exact method of encryption (that would be silly), but it is quite secure according to current standards. If someone were to get our databases, we think it would be very difficult to get any useful information. See also our Terms and Conditions page for additional information.

Terms of Service

Make sure that you take a look at our Terms and Conditions, especially how they discuss delivery of your instructions.

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Sure. Although we'd like to know why via our Contact Us form. Just sign in, go to the Account Info screen (after you log in) and then click the Delete My Account button. All of your information and instructions will be immediately deleted.


Use our Contact form to, well, contact us. We'll try to respond within 24 hours.

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