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Why ?

by Rick Hellewell, owner

Although hard to admit, I am getting old. And I have a significant web site and social presence that I would like to keep active after I am gone. Plus I'd like to leave some comforting and encouraging messages to family and friends.

I have several personal web sites, plus web sites that I build and manage for others. There are email accounts that need to be monitored, plus the usual array of social media places. I maintain the sites now, but some sites will need someone to maintain them after I am Not Here Anymore.

And then there is family, and friends. I'd like to leave them some words of comfort and encouragement.

The Idea

So I created – a place where I could leave important instructions and information for others to carry on my web presence after I am "Not Here Anymore".

 Then it evolved to more than that. It became a place for others to do the same thing.

What We Provide can send out any information to people I have designated; information that I think might be important to them: messages, where I hid the car keys; that secret cash stash in my bookcase; anything at all. Or maybe a final, encouraging message to family or friends that I have thought well of them, or a message of 'closure' that I'll ask someone to put on my social media sites. allows me to create 'instructions' for those people. These instructions are kept on the site (and are fully encrypted, so your privacy is maintained). The site then sends out an "Are You OK?" message once a month the primary and secondary email accounts I have designated. A link in the email lets me easily verify that "I am OK".

If I don't respond to that first "Are You OK?" message within three days, another message is sent to me. If there is still a non-response, one final "Are You OK?" message is sent to me. If I don't respond to all three messages, then I am probably "Not OK". So the NotHereAnymore site then sends my instructions (along with a condolence message) to those I have designated. People get my important instructions or messages, just like I wanted them to.

Now I know that the instructions are not legally binding. And they don't get my 'notes' right after I am gone. But it's all information that I wanted to share with them, so makes sure that they get my instructions or thoughts.

Free and Simple To Use

The main purpose of the site is for me to share my instructions and messages with my family and friends.  And now it's available for anyone else to use. And it's free.

Sign-up is quite simple. It just requires your name, email address, and your password. Then you enter your instructions and the name/email of the recipient. All of that data is stored in an encrypted database.

Then all you need to do is respond to the "Are You OK?" message when it is sent out every 30 days. It just takes a quick click of a link in the message. And then you go on with your life until the next "Are You OK?" message in a month.

Until you can't respond – because, unfortunately, you are Not Here Anymore. So your notes and messages are sent out for you, when you can't do it.

Ready for You

The site is ready for you to use. I use it. And although I hope that I will be able to use it for many years, it provides some peace of mind that perhaps my friends and family will be comforted by my final instructions and messages.

I suggest that the site might be useful to you. We don't know when we will be Not Here Anymore. Hopefully, a long time, but life can be random. will make sure your notes and messages will be sent after you are gone.

Get Started

Let me know what you think — use the contact form. Then get started.

Because life is random. Long or short, you want to be ready.

Rick Hellewell ( ) — 20 April 2015

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